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If your team has a graphic designer that would like to design your kit, we can provide our factory templates (in Adobe Illustrator format). If you would like to utilize our design team, please proceed with the questionnaire below!

Escadrille Custom Artwork Survery
Organization Name
First Name
Last Name
Phone Number
Which items will you be ordering?
Do you have a previous kit design that you want transfered over to Escadrille's templates?
If you want a new design, how extravagant of a design do you have in mind for your kits?
If you want a new design, how would you describe your design direction?
File Upload
Yes, allSomeNone
Do you have updated vector files for your organization's logo(s)?
Do you have updated vector files for your sponsors' logos?
Please upload all artwork files here or e-mail them to custom@escadrille.cc.
Additional InformationPlease include any information that you think is helpful in designing your kits. Examples: colors (we suggest 2-4), title sponsor whose visual branding you would like to incorporate, links to kit inspiration.... etc.
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