All about the fit.

A good experience on the bike starts with a kit built just for you.


We go the extra mile to address the age-old problem of fit. Cyclists come in all shapes and sizes, but standard apparel sizing only provides a narrow range of sizes for people to try and fit into. For riders, an ill-fitting pair of bib shorts can make all the difference between a great day in the saddle or painful saddle sores. Escadrille has spent over 2 year nailing down our custom apparel fit and have created two significant fit breakthroughs:


  • Escadrille offers half-sizes which doubles the amount of standard sizing options available.
  • If you need a 100% custom tailored size, we can make you a kit based on your measurements for a small up-charge.


It is a great idea to get your team together to collect the quantities and sizes you will need. You can reference our sizing chart and description of Escadrille’s fits. Fit kits are available, upon request, so plan ahead if you’d like to have sample garments in hand when you pick your team’s sizes. We ship the kits to you, with a return label, and you can have the kits for 14 days, from the ship date. If not returned in 14 days, your credit card will be charged for the clothing sample order. Sample clothing is for sizing purposes only and is not to be worn or road tested. If samples are returned soiled or showing excessive wear, your credit card will be charged for the item(s).

Fit Kit Request

Please keep in mind that you need to fill out the Get-A-Quote form and have spoken to an Escadrille customer service representative before filling out this form. 

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Do you need Men's or Woman's kits?you can request either or both

We encourage all of our teams to host a fit kit party to ensure correct sizing.

Who is facilitating the fit kit party?if located in the Southeastern USA
Date fit kits are needed bykeep in mind, your team can only keep fit kits for a week
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