The best fitting kit in 20+ years of cycling!

Wayne Steed - Nashville, TN

Escadrille is a new company out of Chattanooga, TN making luxury cycling clothing that uses what it calls “next-level innovation.” Indeed, the All+weather short is full of promising features, wears well, and looks great.  The short uses wide flat leg openings and paneled construction that fits and moves with the rider well; the bibs lay flat and the subtle green piping gives a bit of support to the straps while still allowing good range of motion. A pocket on the rear of the bibs is perfect for a small radio or a stash of cash. An added bonus: Escadrille is so convinced of the short’s durability, it offers a lifetime warranty.

Mike Yozell - Chicago, IL

As a recreational cyclist, I don’t pile up a lot of miles, but I have been riding road bikes for about 20 years. In that time I’ve worn kits from all the mainstream brands and a few from the smaller boutique manufacturers. I can say with full confidence that Escadrille’s custom kit is the most comfortable cycling clothing I have ever worn.

I think it all starts with the chamois. I don’t know what kind of wizardry was used in its creation, but even after a 40 or 50-mile ride I have zero saddle fatigue. These are definitely “all day bibs”. The materials, while lightweight, have a surprisingly substantial feel that makes me think they’ll be around for many seasons.

The jersey that Escadrille has crafted has the same bombproof build with a featherweight feel. Smart tailoring make this piece practical for cyclists of varying body types, while remaining very aero. The extra length in the sleeves gives the jersey a distinctly pro look that I love.

Your club needs this kit!

Steve - Knoxville, TN

As a member of Team Belladium, this is my second year wearing custom Escadrille kits. The fit and quality of the kits have been very reliable and improved over the years to keep everyone on my team, all shapes and sizes, in kits that fit. In addition, the option of having shorts and/or bibs was an added bonus over other possibilities. I know that any time I put on my full kit or skinsuit I’ll be comfortable, fast, and visible on the road.

Kailin - Nashville, TN